ALP Judges, Emcees, & Den Daddies


Meet our ALP 2020 Judging & Emcee panel and our amazing Den Daddy Duo!


Bamm Bamm
International Leatherboy 2012, International Mr Bootblack 2015

Bamm-Bamm identifies as a switchy sexual opportunist, and bootblacking is no exception. Whether he’s grinding on a pair of Wesco’s at the nearest leather bar, tweeting about his latest exploits as a traveling cumpuppy, or greasing the boots standing on his chest at any given moment, it’s all about the erotic energy exchange. Known for his hyper-sexual Bootblacking style, whether top or bottom, Bamm knows how to ensure everyone in his chair leaves satisfied. Bamm-Bamm is one of very few people to have held two major international leather titles, having won International Leatherboy in 2012 and International Mr. Bootblack 2015.

You can now find him groping every pair of boots in sight whenever he gets the opportunity to bootblack, as well as teaching classes at events around the world and perverting everyone willing along the way. He currently calls Cincinnati home with his husband & fellow IMBB, Pup Pawlish. Bamm is the loving Daddy to his little, Dougie, and is also celebrating 7 years as the proud handler of the infamous front-walking dog, pup Tugger.

Den Daddy Team

Daddy Rod & Jeff Gruenberger

ALP 2020 Judges

Despoena Calypso – “Miss DC”, Judge

Ms Atlanta Eagle 2019

Miss Despoena Calypso (DC) She/They Based out of Atlanta Georgia, Despoena Calypso is a polyamourous bisexual who utilizes she/they pronouns. Her class list displays a penchant for Bondage and Discipline with a squishy spot for Dollification and other Imagination Playstyles. A New Generation Leatherwoman, she is a member of the House of the Primal Kind wearing white leather to symbolize her commitment to educate and protect future generations of queer
kinksters. Most recently, she served her local community as Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2019. She is the current head coordinator for Atlanta Hitchin’ Bitches and regularly volunteers her time to teach for other events.

David Hardy – “boy David”, Judge

Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2019

Boy David (David Hardy) identifies as a submissive and a boy. He has been in the Leather Community for 4 years. It took him a long time to come to his identity and loves every bit of himself. David has worked with government officials and queer politicians to push LGBTIA initiative for Atlanta, fighting for HIV issues, LGBTQIA suicide prvention, pushing for Department of Health protocols, and educating people on racial minorities who identify as submissive in Leather/BDSM culture. He is also the Vice President for The National Leather Association International to help promote Leather/BDSM, sexual education and community, and is the creator of the Atlanta Leather Social.

Jack Thompson, Judge

International Mr Leather 2019

Jack Thompson is International Mr. Leather 2019! He is a widely respected leather craftsman, performer, and wolf.
He is founding father of ONYX Northwest and current member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic. Jack both represented Mr. May in the Bare Chest calendar and became the 2019 Leatherman of Color. A proud biracial, transgender, HIV-positive Leatherman. He flags black and navy on the right, light pink and kelly green on the left, and houndstooth down the middle. Remember that if you are enough for you, then you are enough.

Logan Savage, Judge

Cincinnati Leather 2019

Logan Savage is the first non-binary person to run for and win the Mx. Cincinnati Leather title. They have only been involved in the Cincinnati Leather scene since 2018 but swiftly found a home in this incredible community. They are the resident Kitty and de facto Handler of Pack Savage. Logan has a passion for creating inclusive spaces for trans and enby leatherfolk and will be hosting a series of events in Cincinnati this year with that focus. They also study power dynamics and how they relate to mental health. When not at leather events, they can be found throwing down in the pit at a local punk rock show.

Doc Feigelstein, Judge

American Leatherwoman 2012

Doc is a Pixie Butch Leatherdyke Sensation Junkie Bootblack Pup who has been out and about in the greater kink and leather communities for over a decade, utilizing whichever pronouns are used respectfully, and noting she knew she was kinky before she realized she loved women and AFAB folk. She runs Pittsburgh’s Queer Munch, teaches classes on sensation play, scar tissue mobility, and consent, gives Keynote Speeches that take out racist/transphobic garbage, continues to educate and advocate for survivors of rape and sexual assault, and she worries…have you eaten??? This Neurotic Jewish Mother, who has been MCing events, locally, regionally, and internationally, since she was 14, hurts the elderly (consensually) by day, and, by night, is a devoted, collared wifeyboy to her Sir Wifeybabymama. She is a member and executive board officer of the GDI Outlaws, and Ima to her favorite kindergartener on the planet. She is proud to have held the titles of Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2012 and American Leatherwoman 2012 and is excited and honored to be back down South as a judge for Atlanta Leather Pride!!!

Mayor David

Mr. Southeast Rubber 2013

Mayor David, Mr. Southeast Rubber 2013, is an Atlanta native and has kinkster since birth. A true experimentalist, when given the options of an A, B, C or D, Mayor would easily choose E – all of the above! Especially, if those options are sweaty, smelly, sticky, and slimy. His adaptability, knowledge and experience makes him a valuable resource as a play partner for anyone looking to stretch and expand their limits. Mayor David enjoys hosting the annual lube wrestling event to benefit the clubs travel fund. You can find him the first Saturday of every month at the Atlanta Eagle for Atlanta Rubber & Gear Bar Night or other kink events where he can show you his Southern hospitality.

David Holland

David Holland is a physician specializing in infectious diseases on medical faculty at Emory, and is the chief of Medical and Preventive Services at the Fulton County Board of Health. He is a competitive powerlifter and the founder and president of the Fantastic Beasts, Atlanta LGBTQ+ powerlifting club. He is a former Board member of Lost n’ Found Youth and the Galano Club.